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On one Sunday a month a PEP (Pilton Equalities Project) minibus is available for transport to church. As a general rule the minibus runs on the first Sunday of the month, with some variation when special occasions and services do not fall on that Sunday. During the time of the restrictions to prevent the spread of coronavirus there will be no minibus service to church.


We normally have a 14 seater minibus and currently have 5 people who are using the service, so if you would like to take the minibus to church please let Julie Macdonald 332 0918 or Barbara McIntyre know.

There is a charge of 2 pounds for the return journey to and from church.

As a rule, the minibus can only pick up people living in the parish but any enquiries will be considered on a case by case basis.

Timetable 2020

Day Month Escort
01 March Julie