The Parish Council

following 5th May 2016 elections and subsequent co-options...

Members and Officers

(contact numbers are all 01277 exchange except in the case of mobiles where the full telephone code is listed)




Clerk: Sue Clapham   822421       Financial Officer: Rosemarie Nelson   824284





Tom Bennett (Chairman)    07411 741310

Helen Cannon   822364


Roger Keeble   822266


Andrew Watley   824854



Hook End and Wyatts Green...


Ken Bennett   821842

Joe Clarke     07752 338686  

Vic Dean   824062

Tom Lennon   822685

Terry Lockhart   822537


Neil McCarthy  822882


Tracey Thomas    07565 827896



Interested in becoming a parish councillor?  This is a non-political, unpaid opportunity to serve your local community and is open to persons over 18-years of age. Candidates do not have to live within the ward although it would be an advantage. Currently appointment may be possible through co-option in cases where there is a vacancy that does not require a full election.  




The statutory declarations of pecuniary interests of individual members are published in full at  under the Parish Councils' sub-section. Please note signatures have been redacted by Brentwood Borough Council who also have responsibility for maintaining an up-to-date register).