These are our up coming bin collection days. 






  • Paper, newspapers, magazines and envelopes
  • Cardboard
  • Cartons (for example, tetrapack)
  • Plastic bags, film wrapping
  • Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays (excluding any black plastic which cannot currently be recycled)
  • Food and drinks cans
  • Empty aerosols
  • Greetings cards
  • Wrapping paper (no metallic plastic)
  • Tinfoil and foil trays
  • Biscuit and sweet tins
  • Glass jars and bottles
  • Batteries including AA and AAA cells, button batteries, size C and D and any laptop or mobile battery. Please however put batteries in a clear plastic bag and tie to your blue bin lid. Do not put inside the blue bin.



  • General household non-recyclable and non-compostable material waste
  • Disposable nappies
  • Polystrene
  • Used paper tissues and kitchen paper
  • Garden waste, such as grass cuttings and leaves
  • Untreated wood
  • Straw and sawdust
  • Food waste (meat, fish dairy, fruit and vegetable peelings)


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