There are currently a number of vacant plots and we are keen to get these filled to add to our thriving allotment community.  To make the plots more appealing to potential new plot holders and to be less of a problem for current plot holders with weeds setting seed freely, we have undertook an operation to spray the vacant plots.


The activity was done using Roundup XL and Hozelock Knap sack sprayers.  With the help of a local farmer to turn the plots over - hopefully they will be looking in good condition by the time of the Open Day, Saturday, 6th July.


round up xl  hozelock sprayersarah round up xl 


Plots before spraying....

overgrown plot before


Plots 3 weeks after spraying.... 




Then we cheated and got in a local farmer to do the heavy work....   To leave us with some decent workable plots that are now ready to be let... 

tractor_cheat.JPG     after_tractor_rotorvator.JPG

Contact us for details if you are interested in getting started with a vacant plot today.