The end is in sight with the two buildings in position we now have to prepare the parking area.  To blend in with the environment and avoid using lots of heavy materials that have to be shipped on site, we are using Grass Shield supplied by Capatex, ideal for temporary parking areas. 


The only downside is that we need to sow new grass seed and we have to wait for the grass to establish before we can install the parking mesh.


Preparing the area ready for the grass seed... first with tractor assistance, then raking by hand


      RAke Parking Area


It seemed a shame to have to roll the area, as the ground was lovely and soft.  Quickly discovered that I needed some adapted Nike Trainers, so introduced the Nike Grass Rolling wide shoe.  In other words two pieces of wood strapped to my feet to prevent sinking.


Roll with it    Seed Sown


With grass seed sown and covered to prevent the birds from eating it all, we have to let mother nature do her bit to give us a new parking area.