Parish Council meetings are normally meet on the first Thursday of the month. The Parish Council meetings start at 7.30pm at Toppesfield Village Hall.

All meetings are open to the public with the first 30 minutes for a Public Forum where members of the public can ask questions and voice their concerns and opinions. If any question relates to matters in previous mintues of the council at least three days notice must be given to the Clerk so that they can be to hand for the meeting.  

The Parish Council must hold at least four meetings a year, one of which is to be the Annual Parish Council Meeting. Notices of meetings are placed on the Parish Noticeboards and the Parish Council website.

The agendas for the Parish Council meeting are set at the discretion of the Clerk who will consider any reasonable suggestion. 

Dates for 2020 are as follows: 

6th August     - Parish Council Meeting

2nd July         - Parish Council Meeting

4th June        - Parish Council Meeting

14th May       - Annual Parish Council Meeting

16th April       - Parish Council Meeting

5th March      - Parish Council meeting

6th February - Parish Council meeting 

9th January   - Parish Council meeting