We would like to thank Lynda Parsons for compiling details of all interments and cremations in St Mary's churchyard to produce a Burial Plan.  The Burial Plan has been split  alphabetically by surname and you can click on the appropriate link below to download the spreadsheet which contains details for each grave with a plot number and where the grave is located within the churchyard.  When viewing the spreadsheet on a computer you can move across to the columns entitled stone and photo to see details of the headstone inscription and a photograph (if available) when you hover your cursor over the appropriate cell.  Please note that you have to enable editing for this to work and it may not be possible on mobile devices.  If you do have problems and would like further details please contact me on carol.stmarys@btinternet.com 

Abbott to Axell                                                                

Baker to Bennett                                                                                    Snowy graveyard at St Marys

Bennion to Burton

Cannon to Clarke

Codling to Covington

Cox to Cutler

Daniel to Dyson

Eames to Frost

Gale to Granger

Green to Gudgin

Haines to Higgs

Hoare to Hutchinson

Ieldon to Jupp

Keens to Knights

Lancaster to Osmond

Pack to Pye

Radwell to Roadnight

Roberts to Russell

S & D to Simms

Smith to Sutton

Thomas to Vintiner

Wagstaff to Wheat

White to Wyman

Young to Yourin