St Mary's Churchyard, Haynes, Beds

On 26th August 1920 The Committee of the Haynes War Memorial paid the sum of Nineteen Pounds Eight Shillings & Three Pence  to excavate the site and provide concrete foundations in St Marys Churchyard, Haynes for the war memorial to commemorate the lives of the men of Haynes who had lost their lives in the First World War





The Committee of the Haynes War Memorial to F.P.Turtle, Haynes 

1920 July

Journey to Luton to interview
Messrs Low Giddings, ‘Sculptor’                                    £1. 0.0

To excavating earth and
barrowing away, for concrete foundation                 

To Mens Time 80 hours mixing
concrete & barrowing to site                                         £4.18.3

To 8 ½ yds Gravel @ 5/- per yard                                  £2. 2.6
To 1 Ton Portland Cement                                             £4. 3.0
To Cartage for Gravel & Cement                                    £7. 4.6
                                                                                £19. 8.3

Received with thanks Aug 20th 1920 F.P Turtle   

And on 16th July 1029 The Haynes War Memorial Committee, Haynes, Bedford paid Messrs Low Giddings of Station Road Luton the sum of One Hundred and Twenty One Pounds and Thirteen Shillings to make and inscribe the Memorial

The Haynes War Memorial Committee, Haynes, Bedford
To Low Giddings, Memorial Sculptor of Luton
16th July 1920

To Portland Stone Memorial Cross
(as Design by Mr P Deacon) erected
at Haynes in the Churchyard                                   £100. 0. 0

Cutting Inscription & blocking the letters
of same 707 letter                                                  £   9. 7. 5

Cutting @Their name liveth for evermore’
in stone                                                                 £  15. 0. 0

To extra cost of labour owing to 2 rises in
wages, subsequent to quotation at actual
cost                                                                       £ 11.10. 7

Paid by cheque 26th August 1920
as per Low Giddings 


On Sunday 18th July 1920 at 6.15pm The Memorial Cross was erected in the Churchyard