Our Music Group was formed in 1990 when a new “Praise and Thanksgiving” service was created to meet the needs of those who wanted a less formal service.

We began with piano, guitar/bass, flute and recorders and quickly acquired percussion instruments to encourage younger players. Over the years we have had many children in the group, starting on percussion and progressing to play other instruments which they were learning at the time. Those instruments have included flutes, clarinets, violins, viola and, most recently, marimba.

There have also been a number of adults in the group throughout the years. 

We play each month for the Family Service and also at other services such as the Carol Service, Mothering Sunday and Harvest Festival.

Over the years we have played for various functions (both sacred and secular) and some of our members have regularly played for the Haynes Pantomime and more recently the Sunday Teas.

As well as hymns we have a varied repertoire of incidental music. Do come and hear us in action (usually the first Sunday of the month).

 Photo of the Music Group 2019


 St Mary’s Church has had a choir for over 30 years.

At present we have a small choir of 12 members who lead the singing at the main church services on the fourth Sunday of the month at 9.30 a.m.  

We join with the Choirs from All Saints Church, Southill and All Saints Church, Clifton every fifth Sunday of the month at 10.00am for the Benefice Service.

We also sing at baptisms, weddings and funerals as required. 

Our choir practices are held at St Mary’s Church on Thursday evenings from 8.00 p.m. and if you are interested in joining our choir, please contact us.