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Bell Fields

At the Parish Council meeting held on December 15th, 2020, the following statement was agreed:

Rettendon Parish Council - Statement re Bell Fields Dispute (agreed 15th December 2020)



To ALL Essex Residents

In a move to slow the current rates of infection across our county, from Saturday, Essex will be placed into the high level of restrictions (tier 2 on the new COVID system).

What does this mean?

No household mixing indoors – this includes at home or in hospitality venues

Different households can meet outdoors in public spaces but must stick to the 'Rule of six'

10pm curfews will remain in place for all pubs and restaurants

Remember hands, face and space

Reduce travel where you can

If we act now, we can stop the spread and protect our loved ones as we head into the winter months.

Detailed information on the new guidelines is available here:


Please be advised, the Government’s decision applies to the Essex County Council area and NOT the #Southend and #Thurrock Council areas.

Chelmsford City Council Parish Council Consultation

In Chelmsford, there are three tiers of local government:

  • Tier 3: Essex County Council (ECC)
  • Tier 2: Chelmsford City Council (CCC)
  • Tier 1: parish councils

Tier 1 includes 25 parish councils, one town council and one parish meeting.

Each tier looks after different public services and represents the concerns of residents.

Over the next year, CCC plan to carry out a Community Governance Review. This involves looking at how the governance arrangements for Tier 1 are working, to see if they need to be changed. 

You may live in a part of the city that currently does not have a parish council. If so, then CCC would like to find out whether you feel your local community would benefit from one being set up.

They are asking everyone who lives, works or serves people in Chelmsford for their views. They want to make sure that your parish councils are effectively representing the views, interests and concerns of the local communities they serve. 

The results of the consultation will help inform the Community Governance Review.

For more information and to respond please follow the link below:

Play Areas

The statement below describes the approach taken by Chelmsford City Council to re-opening play areas and the sign below is what will be displayed on every one of their equipped play areas.

In line with Government Guidance, the City Council plans to re-open its equipped play areas and outdoor gyms on a gradual basis commencing with major parks and recreation grounds where facilities will re-open by 4th July 2020 and play areas in residential areas by 11th July 2020. Signage will be displayed on each of the facilities as follows to remind visitors to take personal responsibility for social distancing and observe appropriate hand hygiene.

Important Notice:

Following recent Government advice this play area is now open for public use. During your visit please take all necessary precautions to maintain hygiene and follow guidelines set out below. Thank you for your co-operation in maintaining a safe environment for all users.


Clean hands save lives. Please sanitize your hands prior to using the play area and then wash or sanitize them as soon as possible after leaving.

Bradwell B Consultation Response

Please click on the link below to see the Parish Council's response to this consultation.

Bradwell B Consultation Response

Security Patrols


The Council would like to publicise the fact that from 1st October security patrols will be running twice a week through the parish.


The vehicles involved will be clearly marked and may have flashing lights. 


The patrols will be on random days at random times.


If you have any questions regarding the patrols, please contact the Clerk, or Cllr Denise Fleming or Cllr James Knight.

Proposed Mediators

Tony Fisher

CEDR Terms and Conditions






Letter from the Charity Commission regarding application to begin legal proceedings


Letter from the Charity Commission

Parish Council Response

The Parish Council's response to the article about the Bell Fields published in the September issue of the Rettendon and Battlesbridge Newsletter, as agreed at the meeting held on 30th October 2018, is as follows:


Response to Collected Comments published in Rettendon & Battlesbridge Newsletter - September


Parish Council Statement

The Parish Council's stated position on the Bell Fields, as agreed at the Council meeting held on 27th March 2018, is as follows:

How the Bell Fields are used should be determined by the Trustees of the relevant charities elected as per Section 300 (3) and (4) and section 302 (1) and (3) of the Charities Act 2011, and not by the Parish Council. 


Full Report from Manorial Rights Working Group

Please click on the link below:

Working Party Report on Retained Rights in the Parish


The Pavilion QS Report - July 2014



Questions and Answers arising from the Parish Meeting December 2017