Action Fraud

Reporting Fraud


Fraud is a crime so, if you think you've experienced it, we would encourage you to report it. Many fraud offences must now be reported direct to Action Fraud, the UK's national fraud-reporting centre run by the National Fraud Authority. You can either report online (, available 24 hours a day, or you can speak to an advisor by calling the reporting line on: 0300 123 2040.


But there are fraud and forgery offences that must still be reported to the police, such as:


· Making, supplying or possession of articles for use in a fraud

· Possession of false documents

· Making off without payment – fuel only

· Forgery or use of drug prescription

· Fraud, forgery etc. associated with vehicle or driver records … and there are other offences.


If in doubt, consult the Action Fraud website.




You should always contact the police by dialing 999 as soon as practicable - and when it is safe to do so - if you suspect someone has committed a fraud. Also, dial 999 to inform the police if you know that goods connected with a fraud are soon to be delivered to an address in Essex or you know the person you believe to be responsible for the fraud. Forms of Internet fraud include:

Account takeover - advance fee frauds - bank card and cheque fraud - business directory fraud - business opportunity fraud - charity donation fraud - clairvoyant or psychic scams - click fraud - domain name scams - fraud recovery fraud - government agency scams - health scams - holiday fraud - identity fraud - inheritance fraud - internet auction fraud - internet dialler scam - land banking scams - loan scams - lottery scams - mass marketing fraud - miracle health scams - money muling - online shopping fraud - plastic card fraud - rental fraud - romance scams - vehicle matching scams - West African or 419 scam - work from home scams


More advice is on the Action Fraud website