The Field Family

An enquirer in Ottawa would like ot know about the Field family, especially Henry and Ellen Field, and their daughter Daphne.

The Martello Estate and Ram Singh Nehra

We have had a request for information about the Martello Estate, and the work carried out in the late 1930s by the Pevensey Beach Buildings Estates Co. Any information gratefully received.

Seaville Drive 1942

It is believed that three sisters rented a houe here in 1943, so that they could be near their servicement husbands (Canadian and NZ).

John Vincent Gray

 My grandfather John Vincent Gray was the District Valuer for East Sussex in land valuation dept. He lived in The Dial House on High Street, Westham. He lived there approx 1938-1950. He was a Colonel in the local Territorial Army.  My mother and uncle were born there as twins in 1945. Any information would be very welcome.


Reginald Arthur Lawrence and  Evelyn Llewellyn Ameilia Porter/Lawrence

This brother and sister lived at Stone Cross in the 1930s, and went to Hankham School. If you have any information about them, one of their relatives would be very pleased to hear from you. 

Bertie Grant, fisherman

Does anyone have memories of local fishermen Bertie Grant,Puff Grant Reginal Lawrence/Porter?  If so, NIck would be pleased to here from you. Please contact us.


We've had an enquiry from Philippa, who is researching Pevensey in WWII, especially regarding the Home Guard. If you have infomration which might interest here, please contact us here.

Silvia Pazzi

Silvia ran the White Cottage boarding house in the 1930s. We have had an enquiry from David in New Zealand asking for any details. If you know anyting, please let us know.


David has provided us with a scanned copy of the visitors' book, which currently can be seen here.

 William Funnell

We have had a request from Cornwall from relatives of WIlliam Funnell, who left Pevensey in 1954 to go and live in Lancing. He was the son of Samuel and Jessie Funnell. If you have any information about WIlliam, please let us know as his relatives woud like to be in touch with their lost family.

 Houses on Friday Street

Just south of the railway line, there is a row of half a dozen houses, older than most of the neighbouring area. If you know the history of these houses, please get in touch.

Saint Luke's Church

If you have any old photos of the interior of St Luke's church, please get in touch.

Saint Wilfrid's Church

There is a 50th anniversary coming up this year, and the Church Hall Committee would like to know if you have any old photos. Contact us and we will pass the message on.

Friends of Langney Priory

The old grange building in Langney now has a community interest company dedicated to its restoration. It is an exciting project, with plenty of work to do. If you are interested in helping, the Friends will be pleased to hear from you. The website is here.

 Sabrina in Pevensey Bay

We have been approached by Suzie Dawkins, who is writing a biography of Sabrina, the 1950s blonde bombshell. Sabrina visited Pevensey at least once in the 1950s, when she was opening a Victor Value Supermarket in Eastbourne in May 1958. She is also known to have stayed at the Pevensey Bay hotel. Any recollections wil be very welcome.

Family History request: the Short family in Hankham.

A family history researcher is seeking information about the SHORT family in Hankham. Please contact us if you have any information.

Wanted - Copies of Colin Huggett's Under the Eagle

 A visitor from Australia wishes to buy 2 copies of this book. If you can locate these, please send let us know and we'll forward yur email.

Body on the Beach - 1932

We have had an enquiry about a mystery body which was found on the beach at Langney in September 1932. Any information will be welcome.

Pictures of the Coastal Defences.

We've been approached by Robert, who is researching the military history of the area , and is looking for a suitable photo-archive for details of the coast's defences from Napoleon to WW2. Please let us know if you have any suggestions.

James Gell of Peeling

We've received an enquiry from Freya, a researcher in New Zealand. She is the descendant of James Gell of Peelings (176? - 1804) and would like to hear from anyone who knows the family history. If you can help, please contact us.

Bobby Cooper (WW2)

The archivist of the Seaforth HIghlanders of Canada Museum (Vancouver, Canada) has been in touch. While the Seaforths were training in Pevensey in WW2, they were often accompanied by a 4 or 5-year old called Bobby Copper, who used to march alongside the troops with his toy drum. Any information welcome.

Women in Pevensey 1850-1950

We have had a request for information about the history of women in Pevensey. Tina Brown is writing a book on the lives of women in the Eastbourne area 1850-1950, and would like to include Pevensey in the publication. She is seeking people with strong local connections who have heard about women in their family and the occupations, pastimes and businesses that they may have had in this interesting period. If you have any informtion that might help Tina please contact her at