mexican_flagAndrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO)'s goal was the “4T”, a Fourth Transformation of the country following independence, the 19th-century reform and the 1910 revolution: a peaceful and democratic renewal to end corruption and impunity and benefit the entire country. “For the good of all, but first, the poor” is AMLO’s basic principle, and he insists that the country’s greatest problem, the root of all its evils, is corruption. The campaign against corruption and for integrity, modesty and transparency in public life is what most distinguishes Mexico’s Transformation.

The upcoming general election in Mexico, scheduled for June 2024, sets the stage for a significant political showdown, with key candidates vying for the presidency and various legislative positions. Among the contenders are Claudia Sheinbaum, representing the coalition 4 Transformation (4T), Xochitl Galvez supported by a coalition of opposition parties, and Jorge Alvarez Maynez from the Movimiento Ciudadano party. The political landscape has been shaped by the dominance of AMLO's MORENA movement, which has implemented progressive reforms aimed at reducing poverty and increasing social welfare. However, the opposition has intensified efforts to discredit AMLO's administration, accusing it of authoritarian tendencies and alleged ties to drug cartels. As the election approaches, the opposition's strategy includes media demonization campaigns and attempts to delegitimize the current government, raising concerns about potential external interference in Mexico's democratic process. Efforts by progressive groups such as the Mexico Solidarity Project and Mexico Solidarity Forum aim to counter these narratives and defend the ongoing transformation in Mexico against external interference.