mexican_flagAndrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO)'s goal was the “4T”, a Fourth Transformation of the country following independence, the 19th-century reform and the 1910 revolution: a peaceful and democratic renewal to end corruption and impunity and benefit the entire country. “For the good of all, but first, the poor” is AMLO’s basic principle, and he insists that the country’s greatest problem, the root of all its evils, is corruption. The campaign against corruption and for integrity, modesty and transparency in public life is what most distinguishes Mexico’s Transformation.

As Mexico's President, AMLO, enters the final year of his transformative six-year term, the focus turns to the upcoming elections. Claudia Sheinbaum, with strong progressive credentials, emerges as the frontrunner to succeed AMLO. While Mexico grapples with challenges like increasing migration and organized crime, AMLO advocates for a more collaborative and welfare-based approach to address these issues. The prominence of women in Mexican politics is on the rise, with capable leaders taking key positions in the government. AMLO's collaboration with the military has strategically involved them in public works and welfare programs, earning them respect and popularity among the people.