Orton Close Woodland Garden 

Click on the link above to see a photograph. Local Air Cadets, working alongside neighbours, members of Margaretting Friends and the Parish Council prepared the ground and planted the shrubs and ferns during the weekend of 26 and 27 March 2011.  The garden was designed by Helen Boem.  Funding was arranged by Margaretting Friends through grants obtained from Chelmsford Council, the Parish Council and Chelmer Housing Partnership. 


Maldon Road Lavender Bank

Click on the link above to see a photogrpah. This roadside bank is situated nearly opposite the community playing field entrance in Maldon Road and has become known locally as the 'Lavender Bank'.  It is now maintained by Margaretting Friends.

Prior to the Friends looking after the bank it had been neglected and had become overgrown with brambles.  In February 2010 Chelmsford Council in response to requests from local residents cleared the surface of the bank of the brambles and trees suckers that were growing there and approaching the pavement.  Unfortunately, the clearance also removed the lavender. 

In June 2010 and then again in October 2011 in response to requests from Margaretting Friends Chelmsford Council supplied and replanted lavender in the bank and Margaretting Friends continue to do battle with the brambles