What we do

We have a practise night on Monday evenings from 7.30 to 8.45. It is always best to ring to make sure we will be there.

On Sundays we ring for the service on the third Sunday starting about 9.40 until 9.55.

Most couples getting married in the church ask for the bells to be rung. We ring for about 30 minutes before and 15 minutes after. We get paid for this and the money goes into a kitty to be used for bellringer's lunches. These are usually at local pubs and restaurants, one during the summer and one for Christmas.

Very occassionally we toll or ring for a funeral. Tolling and ringing at funerals means the bells are half muffled. This invoves fitting a leather pad to the clanger on one side so it makes a dull sound and then a loud 'dong'.  

Sometimes we have open days to show people what we do and also participate in church open days.

At Christmas we have 'a bell ringers binge in the belfry'. This is usually the last Monday before Christmas when we bring mince pies and sausage rolls.