On this page is a list of documents on various meetings held by the allotment committee and notice of upcoming important events




2020 AGM: Minutes_of_2020_AGM.pdf

2019 AGM: Minutes_of_2019_AGM.pdf

2018 AGM:  Minutes_of_2018_AGM.pdf

2017 AGM:  Minutes_of_2017_AGM.pdf

2016 AGM:  Minutes_of_2016_AGM.pdf

2015 AGM:  Minutes_of_2015_AGM_(1).pdf

2014 AGM:  Minutes_of_2014_AGM

2013 AGM: Minutes of 2013 AGM

2012 AGM: Minutes of 2012 AGM

2011 AGM: Minutes of_2011_AGM