A Brief History: 
The Nottingham Road and District Allotment Association (NRDAA) when first formed had several sites that were in Chaddesden and adjacent to Nottingham Road. Today there is but a single site that is managed by NRDAA and that is adjacent to Highfield Lane. The Highfield Lane has been work continuously since the 1920s and it was only couple of years ago that one plot holder from the 1920s had to give up his plot. Improvements on the site have been continuous and cars are now allowed on site. In the 1960s the rule was that cars were only allowed on site to make deliveries or collect produce. From the early 1970s we have installed a water supply. In the more recent times the site won Derby in Bloom's "Most Improved Site" in 2007 and then "Best Site" in 2008 and 2010. Improvements to the site have continued with the grant support from local and national bodies.


 If you wish to apply for a plot on the allotment then please click here to download a copy of the application form onto your computer  


At our allotment there are three types of plot of which you can rent. A mini plot which is 42 square metres, which is quite good to start on, a half plot which is 125 square metres and the full plot which is 250 square metres. For 2021 & 2022 the rent is 12p per square yard per year plus £3.00 affiliation to the NSALG. Alongside this you have to place a deposit your own key, however if you ever decide to leave the association then this is refundable



We have our own shop on site which sells various seeds; tools; 
seasonal items and other products which will help you support your plot. 






However you do not need to have a plot to use this shop. You can sign up for an Associate Membership for just £1 per year which will not only allow you to buy stuff there, but also give you discounts and free gardening advice if you ask.


Open Sundays 10:00-12:00




















If you have something you wish to contact us about as regards to this website, then please email us at hfvegetable@hotmail.co.uk  for such things as useful allotment tips or your own thoughts on this site. Please note we cannot use this website for advertising the sale of personal items or services.