Shop list

This is a list of some of the products we currently hold within the shop, please note that to purchase anything you require to be an associate member, you can join within the shop.

Please note we try to be competitive on price and our Prices may alter without notice due to suppliers





Members only served

Associate membership available

Fee £1.00 per year


Sunday trading act

Associate Members must show card to purchase from shop


Opening times: Sundays 10:00 to 12:00


We try to be competitive on price





                                                Bonemeal                                    Fish blood & bone                      Growmore      

                                                Compost activator                       Potato fertilizer                          Super phosphate    

                                                Sulphate of potash                     Sulphate of ammonia                  Chicken pellets  

                                                Tomato fertilizer                         Calcified seaweed                        Nitrate of chalk

                                                 Nitrate of soda                          Garden lime                                 Feed weed & moss killer

                                                 Sulphate of iron                         Autumn / winter feed                  Slug pellets


Wild bird food

                                                    Premium Wild bird seed               Peanuts                            Robin and song bird

                                                    Sunflower seeds                         Sunflower hearts              Nijer seed

                                                   Fat balls                                       Bird feeders                     Meal worms


Vermiculite                                 Perlite

Full sacks at discount price available

Pre packed

                                  Weed killers                       Insecticides                         Liquid feeds              Packets seeds


Sold loose

                      Maxicrop by litre              Proliance Quattro weed killer by litre                   Peas and bean seeds   


Seed trays            Seed tray inserts       Potting trays     

Propagators        Plant labels  Marking pens

Cable ties      Garden string     Netting

Tarpaulins   Gardening gloves   Watering cans

Sprayers  Green House fittings  Thermometers  

4,6,8 foot canes   2 stroke & 4 stoke oil

Paraffin  Camping gas


Forks             Spades                Rakes            Hoes

Loppers               Bow saws            Pruning saws

Hedge shears        Hand tools    Sharpening stones

Secateurs    Oil Cans  Fork handles


Clover multipurpose

Spent mushroom compost

Grow bags 3 or 4 plant

Grow matic 40lt

John Innes no1,no2, no3, seed 20lt

Spent hops

Seer’s Rock Dust 20kg


Seasonal products





Kings seeds

Order forms available, to Plot Holder only, on request