The next ordinary meeting of High Easter Parish Council is scheduled for Monday 7th September at 7.30pm, currenlty this meeting is scheduled to be held on Zoom. The agenda will be issued in the week prior to the meeting together with the instructions requried to join the meeting..

An extraordinary Parish Council meeting was held on Monday 27th July 2020 at 7.30pm, to consider planning application UTT/20/1648/OP, an outline planning applcition for all matters reserved except access and layout for 5 dwellings on land off School Lane. The meeting agenda is available on this website and provides the link to the documents on the Uttlesford website. Residents are encouraged to make their own responses directly to Uttlesford.

Uttlesford has notified the Parish Council of additional information in relation to planning application UTT/20/1208/PIP, there is a deadline of  27th July (10 days) to ‘submit any revised or additional comments’. The additional information is supplied as indicative information and suggests an option for providing a footpath/cycleway to the ‘main area of facilities in the village’. Please see the Uttlesford website for details, items dated 16th July and noted as ‘additional’. The Parish Council will not be revising or adding to its original submission. As always residents are encouraged to make their own responses directly to Uttlesford.



The Parish Council, as an elected statutory authority representing the local community, is consulted by Government Departments, Essex County Council, Uttlesford District Council and a wide range of official and voluntary organisations to give the views of High Easter on matters including:

  • Planning Applications and Policy Documents
  • Public Rights of Way
  • Public Transport
  • Road Schemes

The Parish Council also makes representations on behalf of the community, taking into account the views received from individuals and organisations.


Clerk to High Easter Parish Council

Allison Ward

Peartree Cottage, Slough Road, High Easter, Essex, CM1 4RD

01245 231798