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Graveyard Rules


The PCC wish to remind Parishioners that the use of the churchyard is governed by strict regulations set out by the Diocese.

To comply with Diocesan instruction, photographs, soft toys, statues, railings, lanterns and other items are not permitted on graves.

We would also ask that flowers and pots are kept on the gravestone base for ease of mowing the grass.




For further information see:
Diocese of Blackburn Churchyard Regulations


Remembrance Garden

When the Remembrance Garden was first established it was agreed that the area would be grassed over with rose beds on three sides - no pots or vases to be put on. An area in church was set aside for families to put their flowers. If you wish to put flowers on the ashes plot without a vase or pot, that is acceptable and the verger will remove them for you when they are dead.

We will be removing items from the area under the church wall at the end of March and this will be grassed over, so please take anything that is yours that you would like to keep before then.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to your co-operation with regard to this matter