The Electoral Roll

The Church Electoral Roll is the basic list in every parish of all those entitled to vote in elections within the Church of England. 

Before the annual parochial church meeting the electoral roll is either reviewed or, once every six years, completely renewed.

Last year (2019) we renewed the electoral roll. Anyone who did not complete a new form or now wishes to be included on the electoral roll can complete a form. Forms can be picked up from the back of church, from Jenny Soper or you can Download a Printable Copy. Completed forms can be returned to the church or any
 church official.

Electoral Roll Privacy Notice select to review the data protection notice.

Who can be on the electoral roll?

To be on the electoral roll a person needs to have been baptised, be at least 16 years old and either:

•Living in the parish and a member of the Church of England or a Church in communion
with the Church of England.

•Not resident in the parish but is a member of the Church of England (or a Church with
which the Church of England is in communion) and has regularly attended worship in
the parish during the six months prior to enrolment

•A member in good standing of a Church which subscribes to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity
and they are prepared to declare themselves a member of the Church of England, having
regularly attended worship during the six months prior to enrolment.