Serving on the Parochial Church Council

You may recall that the annual meetings were originally scheduled for 26th April. At present, no date has been set, but it is likely to be in the autumn, before the end of October. A date will be announced when the situation is clearer. PCC members, churchwardens and deanery synod reps will remain in office until that time. Thank you to all who are serving in these ways.


There are actually two meetings:

Firstly we have the Meeting of Parishioners, which exists solely for the purpose of electing churchwardens.

Straight after we move into the APCM, at which members are elected to serve on the Parochial Church Council (PCC) and Deanery Synod. The meeting also receives a report of the proceedings of the PCC and the annual accounts. Questions may also be asked about matters affecting the life of the parish, but to take part in these meetings you must be on the electoral roll.

It is worth noting here that serving on the PCC carries many responsibilities. As a PCC member you are in the position of a charity trustee.  Your responsibilities do not simply relate to the building and the activities of the parish, but also involve a commitment to ensuring compliance with the legal obligations of St Michael’s in areas such as health & safety and the safeguarding of young people and vulnerable adults.  To this end it is essential that members are prepared to undertake relevant training for the role. 

In the area of safeguarding, whilst not everyone must have a ‘DBS’ (Disclosure and Barring Service) check, all PCC members must undertake a basic level of safeguarding training.  This is available on line, but if a large enough group is brought together a member of the safeguarding team from the diocese will deliver the course in the parish.  It may seem unnecessary to those who have been part of the parish for a long time, but it ought to be seen in the context of our legal and moral duty to maintain an environment which is safe for all who worship here and share in the life of the church.  I hope we can all assent to the importance of that.

These matters will be arranged with the new PCC after the APCM, but if you are standing for PCC this year, please be prepared to engage fully with this process. And thank you for considering being part of this demanding but crucial work. I look forward very much to working with the PCC during the coming year.

Many thanks, Neil