Some useful resources/web-links for Friends of… and other community group concerned with green spaces, parks, trees…

If you want to ensure the long-term future and maintenance of your local green space why not set up a Friends' group and affiliate to the London Green Spaces Friends Groups Network (LFN), the London network for the 500+ Friends and User Groups for all green open spaces?
- London Green Spaces Friends Groups Network
and other useful links on this page.

Protecting your green space

Justifying green space, trees etc

 Information, advice and support

 Sources of volunteers

  • The Conservation Volunteers - The community volunteering charity
  • Environment Trust / Young Placeshapers

 Funding opportunities

  • City Bridge Trust “Established to make use of a funds surplus to bridge requirements and provides grants totalling around £15million per year towards charitable activity benefiting Greater London, the City Bridge Trust - is the grant-making arm of Bridge House Estates, an ancient charity fund managed by the City of London Corporation.”