An inspiring little video from Quebec
- in French but self-expanatory - at

"Plastic - where do you think it goes?" - watch this new mini-video from Greener Upon Thames.

"Plastic Bag" by Ramin Bahrani - Struggling with its immortality, a discarded plastic bag (voiced by Werner Herzog) ventures through the environmentally barren remains of America as it searches for its maker. Watch this lovely little film at

"Seas of Shame" - a Australian documentary on the effects on wildlife, at

"Turn Lyme Green" - St. Michael’s primary school, Lyme Regis, has participated in a short animation film
cinema, aimed at getting visitors on board the "Turn Lyme Green" campaign. You can see it on You Tube - nice to show other primary schools.

Film star Edward Norton on plastic bags at

See also for some more short videos.

PowerPoint slide shows
The best way to view and use these is to save them onto your PC and then open them up with PowerPoint. They can then be adapted for various audiences and contexts. - is a USA campaigning presentation, with some good shocking pictures, facts and figures. is a campaigning presentation with a focus on Kingston upon Thames, compiled by Towards a Plastic-Bag-Free Kingston. It presents the problems and also proposes some alternatives.