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LFGN Statement to National Inquiry on Future of Parks 

National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces Call for Action


WHO WE ARE   We are the network for the 600+ local Friends Groups and borough-wide Friends Forums for public green spaces across London. We share information, good practices and work to ensure parks and green spaces are adequately resourced. We also actively promote the development of strong Friends Forums for every London borough.

Our aims are: 
*  Protecting and promoting green spaces  
* Improving and enhancing the quality of green spaces 
*  Expanding the amount of green space generally   
*  Improving staffing and management
*  Seeking adequate resources for all green spaces (capital and revenue) 
*  Ensuring the involvement of Friends/Users groups as partners in the management of their parks and green spaces



6pm - 8pm @ City Hall (Committee Room, downstairs by the cafe). 110 The Queens Walk, London, SE1 2AA(10mins walk from London Bridge tube station). Map: www.london.gov.uk/about-us/our-building-and-squares/how-find-city-hall   

For members and reps of all local Friends groups throughout London. Includes reports from groups/boroughs, key issues affecting green spaces, local/london/national campaigns, Love Parks Week in July and much more.


Some background:  At our first conference in October 2009, 80 Friends groups reps from 17 boroughs agreed the following mission statement: 'The Friends and user groups at this gathering agree to continue to celebrate our efforts, share our ideas and experiences, and to support each other in valuing and improving London's parks and open green spaces. To that end we agree to launch a London Green Spaces Friends Groups Network. We'd like to see the development of Friends Groups for all London's open green spaces, and borough-wide forums and networks of such groups in all London boroughs.'


It is inspiring to hear about the incredible work being done by local residents and park users all over London to protect and improve their green spaces. The network holds open meetings every 2 months for London's Friends Groups. We encourage groups to work together and support each other, to swap information and best practice, and to speak out for all London’s green spaces now and into the future. We currently have 420 of the local Friends groups on our contacts list and are discovering and making contact with ever more groups... There are also local Friends of Parks Forums in over 15 London boroughs.

We call on Londoners to form Friends groups for all green spaces, and to establish active Friends Forums in every borough.


Please note that we are the London section of the National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces, the national network of all area Friends Forums and Networks throughout the UK - there are over 6,000 Friends groups!


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Monday 04 December 2017

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