The parade of scarecrows is beloe together with a location map


 101 Barn Dance Queen

101a Barn Dance Queen


101b Barn Dance Queen

 102 Horeacis, a World war 2 Army Medic

102a Horace 


 102b Horace

 103 Kaspar, Prince of Cats

103a Kaspar, Prince of Cats


103b Kaspar, Prince of Cats

 104 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

104a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


104b Snow White and the seven dwarfs

 105 - 105a Bill and Ben and friends

105a Bill and Ben and friends



105b Bill and Ben and friends

 106 Super Nurse 

106a Supernurse 


106b Supernurse

 107 Who is the Real Superhero

107a Who is the real Superhero 


107b Who is the real superhero

 108 Rakeman

108 Rakeman


108b Rakeman

 109 Minecraft Steve

109 Minecraft Steve


 110 One Day soon

110a One day soon


110b One day soon

 111 Oopsy Doodles

111a Oopsy doodles


111b Oopsy Doodles

 112 Redusa

112a Redusa


112b Redusa

 113 Every cloud has a silver lining

113a Silver Lining


113b Silver Lining

 114 Greta Britain

114b Greta Britain


114a Greta Britain

 115 Gardener's Delight

115a Gardener's Delight


115b Gardener's Delight

 117 Galleywood Beast

117a Galleywood Beast


117b Galleywood Beast

 118b Boris Johnson (1)

118a Boris Johnson


118b Boris Johnson

 119 Hugo Lloris

119 Hugo Lloris


 120 Boris Johnson (2)

120 Boris Johnson


 121 Mr Topsy Turvy


121a Mr Topsy Turvy



121b Mr Topsy Turvy

 122 Brucie, Nice to see you..

122a Brucie, Nice to see you..


122b Brucie, Nice to see you..

 123a Ivor Hadennuf of lockdown

123a Ivor Haddenuff of lockdown


123b Ivor Haddenuff of lockdown

 124 Joy

124 Joy


 125 - Doctor Rainbow


 126 - Social distancing besties

126a Social distancing besties


126b Social distancing besties


















Doctor Rainbow