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Scarecrow collage Scarecrow Collage2

The Photo Album now features some photographs by John Cummin and Tony Cruse

Queens Messenger

Galleywood Water

The Queens Messenger

George Courtauld recalles his life as the Queens messenger

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Galleywood Water

Anthony McQuiggan telsthe story of how water came to Galleywood

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"People's lives are shaped by many things - families, work, wealth and poverty, disease, technology ...........the list is endless. But perhaps nothing changes life quite so much as war. In 1939 Britain went to war with Germany, and so for most people whether they lived in town or country, the war brought changes in so many ways."

Gavelwode Cantata - screen

Map of the 2020 Scarecrows

Discover the hidden scarecrows

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Flash back to 2015 and the Galleywood Cantata

Listen to The Eric Witham Cantata for Galleywood

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 McQuiggan 2020 - Whire Bear

 Lathcoats Farm

Pub Licencing in Galleywood in the 1860s

Discover how Galleywood Pubs got their sprit licences

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Hear about Lathcoats Farm

Christine Whybro talks about Galleywood Farms with a new talk everyday

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The 2020 Festival started here on Saturday the 6th June 2020 here are some of th people taking part


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