Ever wondered what a bellplate is then there is a tutorial by Galeywood's Aidan Fozard at the bottom of this page which explains it all..

Aidan Fozard is the world's foremost Belleplate Soloist, Handbell Conductor, Musician, and most importantly, a proud Galleywood resident. Aidan has previously appeared on BBC Essex, alongside other residents to explain just how amazing our village is.

Aidan has travelled far and wide to perform and teach handbells and Belleplates, representing Great Britain at Festival concerts.

Aidan has performed at Keene Hall and for the Galleywood Ladies Club. Once the restrictions are over, he is available year round for concerts, workshops and talks.

 During lockdown, with rehearsals and concerts cancelled, he has been recording innovative videos on his own and with friends from around the world, with more videos planned. 


Please enjoy this curated playlist of a selection of his work. 

Capriccio - Virtual Non-Handbell Ensemble

Capriccio - Kevin McChesney - Adapted for "whatever instruments we had lying around the house".
Created during the COVID-19 Stay-At-Home period when not everyone had access to handbells, so we made due with the instruments we did have!


There is a curated Galleywood Festival Play list  here with lots of tracks.

Belleplates are produced in the UK by www.Belleplates.com


Belleplate Techniques - all you ever wanted to know about Bellplates


  You can find more at www.youtube.com/bellnerd and www.facebook.com/SoloRinger