Galleywood recorded history dates back to early medieval times and was recorded in 1250 as Gauelwode (Galleywood Common), a hamlet of Great Baddow, part of an ancient forest interspersed with open scrubland.

Introducing the Galleywood Flintstone

Surprising who you meet from the past when you're carrying a video camera - just enjoying a cuppa with Les Whybro at Galleywood Heritage Centre when along comes an Ancient Briton with something of interest .

Welcoming Napoleon Bonaparte to Galleywood Common

The following black and white photographs some more than 100 years old have been colourised for the Festival, bring back to life some old views of Galleywood.

The Races behind the main Grandstand

McQuiggan 2020 - Race meeting colour banner

Race meeting - The rise of the final mile to the Grandstand finish

McQuiggan 2020 Final straight

The Horse and Groom on the Common

McQuiggan 2020 - Horse and Groom

The White Bear

McQuiggan 2020 - The White Bear

The Whie Bear as the Gread Baddow Brewery around 1882 before Charingtons, the old Blue Lion on the left side of the road

McQuiggan 2020 - Whire Bear

The Mill on the Common (Margaretting Road at Mill House from the Eagle Crossroads

McQuiggan 2020 - Crossroads

The Mill at Mill House Margaretting Road

McQuiggan 2020 - Windmill b

A welcome rest from milling

McQuiggan 2020 - Windmill from Crossroads b