G coutauld book coverLife as a Queen’s Messenger (who are also known as the ‘silver bulldogs’)

   – A Talk by George Courtauld fist given on the 13th  Nov 2019  at the Keene Hall in Galleywood.

George Courtauld's many fans will be relieved that the Foreign Office, after having officially retired him from his post as Queen's Messenger, asked him after all to carry on. In this brilliant collection of reports, Courtauld describes his recent visits to, among other places, Mongolia, China, South Africa, Kenya, the Persian Gulf, Chile, Brazil, Oman, Israel and Thailand, He is, as ever, infectiously interested in everything he encounters, from flora and fauna, to architecture, art and history, but it is above all the quirks and eccentricities of his favourite species, Homo sapiens, that delight him most. His sharp ear for tricks of speech and acute eye for the absurd are always in evidence.











A recording of the talk was available here from 8pm on Wednesday 10th June 2020. This is the time the GHS would have been providing a live talk for the festival which is no longer possible due to the COVD-19 restrictions.


Many thanks to the Galleywood Historical Society for providing this interesting talk for the festival.

 Copies of George Courtauds many books can be found here.