Press release from WBC                                 November 2018

Council proposes new timeline for Local Plan Part 2

Following deferment of the publication of Waverley Borough Council’s Local Plan Part 2 last month, the council has announced a new timeline, which would see publication of the Pre-Submission (draft) version for consultation in summer 2019.

The deferment allows time for extra engagement with stakeholders, including a series of workshops with parish and town councillors in those areas where Local Plan Part 2 is proposing housing sites, involving the relevant ward members in each area. The events are due to be held in the coming months.  The workshops are designed to allow those who attend to gain an enhanced understanding of the site promotion and selection process; and to be able to feed in to the process of selecting sites for Local Plan Part 2.

In addition, the council will continue to discuss the proposed housing sites with key stakeholders to gain further feedback on issues such as transport impacts, water supply and sewerage, and health provision within those settlements.

Timings are indicative at this stage but it is hoped that following a successful conclusion to these discussions, the council will be in a position to publish Local Plan Part 2 for its Pre-Submission Consultation next summer.  This will be a public consultation held for at least six weeks.  All statutory consultees will be notified along with those individuals and businesses registered on the council’s planning consultation database. 

Waverley Borough Council Portfolio Holder for Policy and Customer Services, Councillor Christopher Storey, said: “It is vital that our plans represent our residents’, businesses’ and communities’ aspirations for the future of the borough – and that is why we’ve added extra time for further targeted engagement with our stakeholders.”


Waverley Local Plan Part 2 - Housing Site Allocations [LINK]

In Part 2 of the Waverley Local Plan three sites in the Green Belt adjacent to the Elstead Settlement Boundary have been proposed for new housing. Two of them, a field behind Four Trees and another behind The Croft, both off Hookley Lane, have been recommended for removal from the Green Belt. The third at Sunray Farm, off West Hill, is considered to be partly developed and new homes would be allowed to replace existing buildings and pre-developed land.

There is an interactive map showing the sites and explanatory notes here [LINK]

This downloadable document contains extracts from the The Waverley Local Plan Part 2 Consultation documents, with more details about the three sites and the revised Settlement Boundary. 

New Settlement Boundary & land to be released from the Green Belt for development. [LINK]


Elstead Housing sites. Where should new homes be built? 

The Waverley Local Plan exhibition in Elstead on Monday June 4th displayed a lot of information about Part 2 of the new Local Plan.

A major item for discussion was how many new homes should be built on each of the three Green Belt sites proposed by Waverley. They are Sunray Farm off West Hill (12), a field behind The Croft (35) and another behind Four Trees (20), both off Hookley Lane. 

Click on the map for details of the Waverley site allocations.


The Hookley Lane sites would be released from the Green Belt.

Hookley lane residents are very reasonably concerned that developing two Hookley Lane sites will cause traffic problems at the Milford Road junction and along the narrow lane itself. Both sites are remote from the school, shops, bus routes and other village facilities. 

Hookley Lane Sites

 Residents of the Croft estate will be faced with more than doubling of the total number of homes using the very narrow and bendy service road off Hookley Lane, with no footway. In one place it is only a single vehicle width on a blind bend. This will cause chaos during development as well as congestion once the new homes are built.

Croft 1 Entrance

The Neighbourhood Plan team has recommended that more homes should be built on Sunray Farm, with none at Four Trees. Their main reasons are that Sunray Farm is much closer to village shops and facilities and development should not be all at one end of the village. Including 69 at Weyburn there would be 124 at the Milford end. 

Weyburn Works

Waverley Borough Council has rejected a recommendation from the Neighbourhood Plan team that Sunray Farm should be released from the Green Belt, as it would intrude into the hilly area in the centre of the village. They are prepared to consider planning applications for up to 12 new homes to replace the existing buildings on the site.

Sunray Farm

Sunray Farm also has narrow access at the entrance from West Hill. This can be improved by using part of the footpath that leads up the hill to provide a footway into the site.

Sunray Farm entrance


Two possible ways of using the sites are:

1.     The Waverley proposal: Croft 35, Four Trees 20, Sunray Farm 12. (more than the 59 needed).

2.     The Neighbourhood Plan recommendation: Croft 28, Four Trees 0, Sunray Farm 31.

There are other possible permutations that could reduce the concerns of both Hookley Lane and Croft residents, while following the recommendation of the Neighbourhood Plan team. Wherever new homes are built will have an impact on traffic in the village but housing on Sunray Farm would have the least impact because of its central position.

Information on Waverley Local Plan Part 1 and other Planning documents can be found here:

Planning Information page on this site [LINK].

This downloadable document contains extracts from the The Waverley Local Plan Part 2 Consultation documents, with more details about the three sites. 

New Settlement Boundary & land to be released from the Green Belt for development. [LINK]