We create projects linked to social exclusion, which can be related to mental health, racism, discrimination, disability, gender, homelessness, lack of local offer or potential, lack of services, unemployment, etc.

We work in specific areas, including mental health projects that include the use of arts, gardens and heritage, and Intergenerational projects that help build better relationships between young and old generations as well as tackle issues such as isolation, inclusion, detachment from society and bereavement.

We develop projects that promote wellbeing and intergenerational dialogue which have the potential to bring significant social benefits, helping to build more active, cohesive and sustainable communities.

We support minorities in County Durham that feel isolated from local communities and feel that their culture and heritage is not understood, valued or accepted.

We aim to help local communities by:

- exploring their unique identities and sense of place

- helping to develop, cement and bridge community relationships and connections

- supporting and developing individual interests, creative expressions and voices through events and projects

- defending social inclusion and vulnerable groups

- re-defining the way heritage and culture are interpreted, experienced and enjoyed, by our communities, for our communities


How are partnerships developed?

We invite local organisations to be our partners, contributing to a better management of resources and we welcome invitations for partnerships in projects.

We do not see other organisations as competition, we look at them as potencial partnerships to be created.

Together, we make a difference in local communities, and, together, we make a real contribution.


Do you have a project in mind and need help?

Get in touch, we can work together to develop your project and make it a reality!


Are you an individual noticing something missing in your area, home or work?

Get in touch, we would love to contribute to a better community life!