In September we have launched a green wave to support carers: 
Gardening is known to alleviate depression and stress, it is a wonderful topic of conversation and helps people to maintain mental health issues at bay.
Here, at Culture Healing Communities, we wanted to encourage our unpaid carers in Durham to start doing a bit of gardening and enjoy Nature, so, to help them to start planning ahead next year, we offered outstanding sets of gardening tools with a mixture of flower seeds to encourage Durham carers to start a wonderful and colourful garden.
But that is not all: to help them further, inside the box there was a surprise.
There were only 8 kits to offer, first come, first served basis, with the amazing support from Alpkit Foundation and Poundland Charity Trust, and the offer is for those living in a DH post code. Later, we got more tools and seeds and delivered to a further 11 carers.
It was a success and we are quite happy to know that we have provided a bit of chill-out!
And happy gardening!
In April we have launched a challenge, where 100 people in Durham would knit and crochet rainbow squares that would be stitched together to make a blanket. 
We would then create an auction to sell the blanket and give all the money to the NHS. 
We did not get a blanket. 
We got SEVEN! 
We have celebrated the Durham Community Spirit, the unification of people facing a pandemic and the indomitable will to support the NHS who has sacrificed dozens of its workers to take care of all of us.  
Durham communities act together and support together. 
Thank you.

Sandra & Veronica

Culture Healing Communities


Twitter @SandraO93113902