Our aim is to work with local communities to explore, connect and sharing through heritage and culture, whilst providing support to organisations connected to heritage, with their collections and heritage assets, as-well as independent museums and heritage organisations, enabling them to engage and empower both individuals and communities.

We offer a new way to:

- use the county-wide museum collections, sites, archives and learning resources to explore what heritage and culture really mean to the people and how it impacts our lives

- discover and share together what’s really important to us using heritage and culture as the catalyst for improvement and development by keeping our heritage alive for the future

- engage local people from diverse backgrounds with heritage in ways that suit them and improve their lives, ascertaining specific community needs

- bring wider benefits to the heritage sector, using local heritage (tangible and intangible, including traditions and practices) to promote dialogue between the generations and ensure the transmission of valuable heritage

- raise awareness amongst younger generations about the importance of the past and of the traditions, stories and knowledge held by older generations.

- help churches, graveyards, community centres and associations to find new uses for their buildings and offers, in order to become sustainable and profitable.

Do you have an heritage site that needs a completely new approach?

Contact us, our consultancy fees are extremely competitive and our experience will get you the most valuable approach!

- Preserving for the future – connecting people to heritage, identity and history through digital technology