Our Directors:

Veronica, Doctoral Candidate, has four years of experience in community engagement, including in the recruitment of participants for projects, twice exceeding the numbers required. She is also researching the use of culture (including arts and crafts) to increase the wellbeing and mental health of socially isolated communities. She has extensive training in digital marketing, social media campaigns, risk assessment, GDPR protocols and has recently completed a Safeguarding course delivered by NHS Education. Veronica has a BA in Classics, an MA in Heritage Management and is currently doing a PhD at Durham University.


Sandra, Durham University graduate, has 17 years of experience working with community projects, has created and developed Intergenerational projects in cooperation with local organisations and national heritage organisations, with grant researching and evaluation of partnerships to raise funds, developing teams of volunteers and working with BAME groups. She has extensive experience in community issues and obstacles, communities’ Management, Experience and Engagement, Commercial Awareness with administrative and budgeting skills and Digital Media with social media progression and training in Health and Safety, GDPR protocols and Safeguarding. Sandra has a NVQ Level 3 in Environment, a BA in Theology, Ministry and Mission and is finishing her MA in Heritage Management.