Policing on the Estates


As the good weather continues so to does the excellent work of the team. This year has got off to a flying start with a number of successful drugs warrants being executed on the estate sending out a clear message that we will not tolerate drugs misuse on the ward. This work hopefully does a good deal to raise public confidence around the high quality service that we strive to provide to you the local community.


Responding to the calls you make to us is obviously a priority and I would like to take this opportunity to clarify which are the most appropriate numbers to use and when. This is just some guidance for you to ensure that  should you have to call police you know  which is the most appropriate number to use.


The team are always happy to visit or chat about any issues or concerns you may have and always remember there is or e-mail address should you wish to write to us… obliviously again this is a non-emergency point of contact: Norbiton.snt@met.police.uk


  • 999 - Always use this number in any emergency situation. If you feel in immediate danger or feel threatened at the time please use this number. This will ensure that that you get the fastest possible police response.
  • 101 - If there is an incident which does not need emergency attention but which the police need to know about please use this number.  It is important to report crime and anti social behaviour because a report of your call will be included in the monthly statistics.  These statistics are used to help local police services plan where to deploy their officers and when.  Please note that using this service incurs a charge of 15 pence per call from either landline or mobile phone.
  • 0300 123 1212 - If you have been the victim of crime but there is no immediate danger this will be the best number to call. It will ensure that you get a fast police response (appropriate to the type of incident you are calling about) and, like the 999 number, this is answered 24/7.
  • 0208 721 2000 - This is the Norbiton SNT local number. This is the best number to call if there is an issue you feel needs to be addressed by the police but it is not an emergency and you feel that you don’t need an immediate police response. This number is great for you to use with matters of an ongoing nature or if you have a concern and just feel you would like to run it by the Police. Unlike the other two numbers this is NOT always going to be answered 24/7. Whenever the team are on duty the call will be answered, but if we are not available there is an answer phone facility. All messages will be dealt with but obviously this number is not the best to use for situations where you need an immediate police response
  •  If you wish to pass on anonymous information about crime you can call Crimestoppers on: 0800 555 111



We are aware of the fact that this has become an increasing problem for residents.  As a result we recently met with both the Police and RBK Housing Services to try and resolve the matter.  Both parties urge all residents to report any incidents that occur using the 101 number - only then can they get a true picture of what is happening and when. If you would prefer to keep a written record the please download the 'Anti Social Behaviour Record'  from the 'Our Files' section of this website.  This can be completed and reyurned either to RBK Housing Services - Claudia.Cane@rbk.kington.co.uk or to us.  crecommittee@hotmail.co.uk