The Cambridge Road Estates Community Group (registered charity number 1144268) aims to represent and express the views of the Cambridge Road Estates (CRE) community about environmental and housing issues to the local authority and other public bodies, as well as to plan, promote and finance events and / or activities on the estates or for the benefit of the community.

We have been working across the Cambridge Road and Cambridge Gardens estates since 2004 alongside residents and local organisations to improve the quality of life for those living there. Our approach centres around residents deciding what the problems are and then finding ways to solve them.


  • Chair:               Jill Preston           
  • Treasurer:        Geraldine Burgess                             


  • Jill Preston
  • Geraldine Burgess
  • Dr Mike D'Souza
  • Sheila Griffin
  • Mary Graham
  • Jenny Pitt

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