Cranleigh Folk Club – Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. We only hold the minimum of personal information that we need to enable us to keep you informed about the club and our events. We do not share your personal information.

What Personal Information does Cranleigh Folk Club hold?

We only store the following personal information:

  • Your email address (always)
  • Your name (sometimes)
  • Your telephone number (sometimes)
  • Events you have attended (if applicable)

How is Personal Information stored and safeguarded?

We store this information in our Gmail account, which is hosted by Google with access protected by a password known only to the organising team of the Club.

How is Personal Information Used?

We use personal information to inform you of club news and club events.

We never disclose your information to other parties.

Your Preferences

We assume that you are happy for us to hold and use your personal information and use it as described above. However, if you do not wish us to hold your information, simply email us asking us to remove you from our list and your records will be deleted.