A memorable and packed visit when Braunton hosted our Breton friends from Plouescat. The programme included:

Thursday 30th May: Visit to Tiverton area with barge trip on Tiverton Canal. Followed by the Twinning Party Night at Isaac Hall, Braunton Academy featuring the 8 piece 'Rubber Band' who played all kinds of music, including Devon and Breton numbers which were a real hit.  Our Plouescat friends particularly loved the mobile fish and chip van and the Hockings ice cream which arrived mid way through the evening. .

Friday 31st May: Boules at the Braunton piste, where Braunton was whitewashed by a very strong Breton performance. This was  followed by a buffet lunch/civic reception at the Parish Hall, then on to the cricket club for the 2019 Twinning Challenge where we got our own back for the boules disaster with a narrow win in the skittles challenge. There were also impromptu games of darts and pool, plus the chance to drink biere Anglais. In the evening the Official Twinning dinner and dancing at Park Hotel in Barnstaple nicely rounded off a packed day.

Saturday 1st June: Free day with hosts. The weather was lovely and many people headed to the coast and beaches. This was followed by informal dinners in small groups of 15 to 20 people which went on till the early hours. The entente cordiale was affirmed with a glass or three of vin plus armagnac, whisk(e)y and calvados as required.

Sunday 2nd June: We bade farewell to our friends mid morning as they departed on their coach to visit South Devon for the day before boarding the Armorique for the overnight ferry to Roscoff. Next year (2020) we get the chance to do it all again when we visit Plouescat. This is almost certainly between Wednesday 20th May and Sunday 24th May 2020.

Since pictures paint a thousand words here are a small selection of the many that were taken over that marvellous weekend in May 2019.


                                     Selection the horse 

                    Picnic at Tiverton                                                                       Selecting the Horse to pull the barge                                                                                                                      


               Return Walk along Towpath                                                                          Hard a Starboard


              Rubber Band in Full Flow                                                                                  Jane and Gareth


Braunton Elite Team being thrashed at Boules !                                               Official Mayoral Reception


                Gala Dinner in Barnstaple                            Braunton lifting Challenge Trophy following narrow win in the skittles !


                  After Dinner Cabaret                                                          Time to go home ....... till next Year (May 2020) !