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 We took our exhibition layout - Quarry Halt - to the Bracknell Railway Society's exhibition on 29th October. Four of our members went along and we had a very enjoyable day. Very few problems and we were well attended with lots of interest from younger members of the public, which is what we want!


Quarry Halt at Bracknell Exhibition in October 2023 - a tricky handover

Quarry Halt at the Bracknell Railway Society Exhibition October 2023

Quarry Halt at Bracknell Exhibition
Chairman completes a shunting move.
More pictures here.


We are a small group who meet in our own club room in Chorleywood and always welcome new members. Most of our members model UK railways from various parts of the country.

We are always looking to recruit new members, so if you live in Amersham, Little Chalfont, Chorleywood or areas nearby and want to get involved with model railways, contact us by email - aandcmrs@gmail.com and come along to a running session.


The club has layouts in gauges "O", "OO" and "OO9". The test track has "OO", "EM", "3mmFS", N/009 and "HOm".

The '0' gauge layout has been undergoing some relaying and rewiring. Scenic work still remains to be completed, but the trackwork is ready for running as required.

The '00' gauge layout has also been undergoing major works, particularly to the station area. All the trackwork is now laid and is ballasted. There remains plenty to do still, especially on the scenic side!

There is a second 'OO' layout primarily designed for exhibiting, Quarry Halt. It has had several successful outings, the most recent as noted above, at Bracknell Railway Society's October 2023 exhibition. More pictures here.

John brought the 009 layout out of storage and it has been run successfully for sessions in the club hut.

Some members have a layout at home, and our chairman has a magnificent "OO" layout in the garden.

Most of us buy ready-to-run models and enhance them to varying degrees, others prefer to build from kits. The ready availability of R-T-R in 4mm and 7mm means most of us use them at running sessions. We have a stock of 'O' gauge kits purchased some years ago and members are gradually working their way through the boxes.

If you are already a railway modeller, want to pick it up again or are just starting out, then come along and see what we do. Contact us using our email address: aandcmrs@gmail.com


Latest News August 2023

Our twice weekly sessions at the Club room are now back to normal with roughly four Running and four Working sessions a month. They are listed here.

Work is now being undertaken on Quarry Halt, following a mouse attack on the scenery! Most of the tree foliage has had to be replaced. The layout is being checked over and prepared for our attendance at Bracknell on 29th October.

● Our visit to the Amersham Heritage Day last year was successful. Much to our surprise there were people viewing the Quarry Halt layout well before our 'official' opening time. And it never slacked off after that! At times we had people viewing three deep. Hopefully it will trigger some additional membership, but our intention to entertain everyone, children particularly was achieved.
We also had a table of exhibits of recent work done by members, mostly 'O' Gauge models. There was a lot of interest in them too.


A recent running session had a Class 52 approaching the bridge over the canal on the '00' layout

Class 52 approaches canal bridge



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