Dewhurst '0' Gauge layout

Over the years many members have worked on this exhibition layout. Tony, JohnB, Mike and Phil added a small extension to the station end,  JohnB, Alan and Martin have improved the arrangement of the station throat and have tackled the wiring that that change entailed.  Geoff built a new point for the yard. 


Interest waned for a while following some members departure, but recently PeterM, nominally an 'N' gauge person, together with JohnB have revived the layout. They are in the process of renewing the backscene and improving it. You can see the original version in the pictures below.

Members are also now enjoying the availibility of RTR 'O' gauge stock and we are seeing more running on this layout. Expect to see more news about this layout in the coming months.

Prairie @ Dewhurst


4F at Dewhurst



Signal Box