The Churchyard

Churchyard Database and Plan

The churchyard around the Church is divided into three areas.  The oldest section surrounds the Church itself and the majority of the memorial stones have been moved and placed in two rows along the southern edge of this area. The database of all the graves, based on the readable data on the gravestones, has been created.
Three areas, the Lower and Upper Churchyards and the north end of the Old Churchyard, have been logged and a database of the gravestone data has been generated together with a detailed plan showing the location of all marked graves in these two areas. In addition a second database has been created listing all the burials in these three areas which do not have a memorial stone.  The location of these unmarked burials have been included on the plan based on the chronilogical data of a hand writtren book prepared in the 1950's. 

Any request for graveyard data and the location of particular graves should be sent via the guest book page.

Marked grave Listing

Unmarked Graves

Buried Ashes



Old Churchyard Plan


 Excel Databases for the old churchyard

 Marked Graves Data                                 Marked and Unmarked Graves Layout Plans

  J-1 Data         J-2 Data       J-3 Data                     J-1 Plan          J-2 Plan    J-3 Plan      

  K-1 Data         K-2 Data                                      K-1 Plan          K- 2 Plan   

  L-1 Data                                                            L-1 Plan

Unmarked Graves

old yard unmarked



Lower Churchyard Plan

 Excel Databases for the lower churchyard

Marked and Unmarked Graves                     Marked and Unmarked Graves Layout Plans

A-1 data   A-2 Data  A-3 Data                                  A-1Plan     A-2 Plan   A-3 Plan

B-1 Data  B-2 Data  B-3 Data  B-4 Data                  B-1 Plan    B-2 Plan   B-3 Plan   B-4 Plan

C-1 Data  C-2 Data  C-3 Data  C-4 Data                 C-1 Paln    C-2 Plan   C-3 Plan   C-4 Plan

D-1 Data  D-2 Data  D-3 Data  D-4 Data                 D-1 Plan    D-2 Plan   D-3 Plan    D-4 Plan

E-1 Data  E-2 Data   E-3 Data  E-4 Data                 E-1 Plan    E-2 Plan    E-3 Plan    E-4 Plan





Upper Churchyard Plan

Excel Databases for the Upperer churchyard 

 Marked and Unmarked Graves                                                 Marked and Unmarked Graves Layout Plans

F-1 Data    F-2 Data       F-3 Data     F-4 Data    F-5 Data                      F-1 plan     F-2 Plan     F-3 Plan     F-4 Plan     F-5 Plan

G-1 Data    G-2 Data      G-3 Data   G-4 Data    G-5 Data                      G-1 Plan     G-2 Plan     G-3 Plan    G-4 Plan    G-5 Plan

H-1 data     H-2 Data      H-3 Data    H-4 Data                                       H-1 Plan     H-2 Plan     H-3 Plan     H-4 Plan    

I-1 Data       I-2 Data     I-3 Data      I-4 Data                                         I-1 Plan       I-2 Plan    I-3 Plan   I-4 Plan