Widdington Parish Council (WPC) have recently received confirmation that Essex County Council (ECC) have approved Widdington Recycling`s planning applications ESS/30/19/UTT and ESS/83/19/UTT.

Essex County Council have advised that they anticipate that Widdington Recycling will imminently submit a further planning application to extend the recycling period at their site. WPC will share this application with the village, once it is received.

Residents should report any concerns relating to Widdington Recycling to the County Planning Enforcement Officer, Suzanne Armstrong at suzanne.armstrong@essex.gov.uk

Please copy the Parish Council Clerk in to any correspondence at clerk.widdington.pc@gmail.com

There are enforcement complaints forms and an enforcement diary sheet available to submit below;


The Environment Agency have a 24 hour hotline available to report issues ( including noise) 0800 807060.