A Whitchurch Diary


First Two Volumes of A Whitchurch Diary 



The photographs from Maurice Foulger’s collection displayed at the recent May Feast generated a lot of interest and comment. Many people who spent time browsing them referred to the diaries which Maurice painstakingly researched over many years.

These were a follow up to the Chronicles of Whitchurch compiled by C W Wilson and which concluded in the year 1909. Maurice’s six volumes cover the period from 1910 to 1950. Not everyone has had the opportunity of reading them because there were a limited number of copies.  The Editor is grateful to David Ryder Richardson of the High Street who, with a lot of effort, digitised the first and second volumes of the diaries and these are now available below. 



A Whitchurch Diary - Vol 1  1910 - 1919


A Whitchurch Diary - Vol 2  1920 - 1929