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Welcome to Whitchurch - hopefully by design, but maybe by chance, you have arrived at the web site  for Whitchurch in Buckinghamshire.  We are aware that there are several towns and villages with the same name in Great Britain - eleven at the last count - but if you linger awhile we hope you will agree with an earlier visitor to this Whitchurch who described it as the “most friendly of villages”.  To get your bearings click here.


The FirsHere in Whitchurch is a 13th Century church, the mound of a castle built in the 11th Century  by Hugh de Bolebec - but later destroyed in the 17th Century on the orders of Oliver Cromwell,  Fair Alice’s spring that has never stopped flowing  (and is said to have healing properties!),  the homes of a famous painter and a novelist  - one of whose books was made into a major film, a building  commandeered in WWII by Winston Churchill which he called his “Toyshop”. There are thatched cottages and timbered houses. All this and more is in Whitchurch.  Travel a little way to Creslow, at the edge of the parish, and see a manor house built in 1330 and which once had the largest field in England.  Check out the Village walk link to learn more.                                                                                                                    The Firs


Learn too of the many current groups and  organisations that flourish in Whitchurch and also of the commercial  businesses in the village.  These will be found in the Village Directory  along with useful telephone numbers.

This site was initiated by the Whitchurch Parish Council and they invite you to look at the minutes of their meetings. Click on the link at the left of the page.


Old Court House


Should you have arrived at this site looking for one of our namesakes then here is a selection;

Whitchurch, ShropshireWhitchurch, Hampshire;  Whitchurch, Cardiff;  Whitchurch, Devon; Whitchurch, HerefordshireWhitchurch, Oxfordshire; Whitchurch, Pembrokeshire; Whitchurch, Somerset;




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