Feast your eyes in our gallery of beautiful trees in the Much Wenlock, we will be adding to our collection of photographs from time to time, you can send us a photo of your favourite tree for posting on this page to the email address on the home page. If you can't identify it, we can try. 


Linden Walk postcard image



We begin with and early postcard, dated 1907, of the Linden Walk, note the row of lime trees running at right angles across the Gaskell Field, no longer there.  


Railway Walk

                                                                                                    Railway walk in spring                                                       


tree planting on Sheinton Rd corner

Red Blossom Hawthorn, Sheinton Street corner, planted Oct 2013 




cut leaf beech

Wellintonia in Much Wenlock Church Green 

                                                                               Cut leaf beech, Gaskell Ground, sadly no longer with us.



 Prunus x yedoensis Yoshino Cherry

Yoshino Cherry  Much Wenlock Cemetery



Weeping willow Much Wenlock Church Green 

 Weeping Willow


monkey puzzle 2

                                                                                 Young Monkey Puzzle tree Church Green.


King St  King Street





             Linden Walk in Autumn   

      Autumn on the Linden walk                                                                          



liquidamber                                                                                                                               Liquidamber at the children's playground 

planting the people of greece tree Planting the People of Greece Tree Dec 2014

Ash Priory Lane      Splendid Ash tree on Priory Lane


spring flowering prunusOnly one of  these two trees has survived but the prunus

by the fire station has been replaced with a new sorbus.