Telephone Book Exchange


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Photos of the opening

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How to use the Telephone Book Exchange

THE TELEPHONE BOOK EXCHANGE is open & ready for use by local parishioners. The Book Exchange is what it says on the can, take one of your own books and place it in the incoming books bin, then choose a book of your choice to withdraw from the selection on the shelves or even from the incoming book bin. It is a simple as that no paper work involved just ensure the book you bring is clean in both senses of the word and is likely to be of interest to most people. A single book will be featured each week as ‘best read’ along with a friendly cartoon character call ‘Bookworm’ who will be giving us some sage advice. Within the exchange Children’s books will also be included so that we cater for all ages; even in this high Tec age books are still being read so make a habit of it now!