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As well as the usual information about agendas and minutes of meetings the website will provide information about local organisations, planning applications, events and issues that are relevant to our community.  So please come in, explore and feel free to comment via the email address


 Next Meeting 3rd June 2020 (Click for agenda)


Parish Council Meetings are cancelled (No public gatherings of more than 2 people) Stay Home - Keep Safe

However, to confirm your Parish Council is continuing to function - Cllrs will be holding virtual meetings by Microsoft Teams

if you have any comments then please e-mail the Clerk, send the Clerk your e-mail address if you would like to attend.


Please note - The Wakes Colne Annual Parish Assembly scheduled to take place on 4th May has been cancelled this year. 


The recycling centre in Colchester is re opening on the 18th May.  

COLLECTION OF HOUSEHOLD WASTE MATERIALS -  By Colchester Borough Council from Wakes Colne 

Garden waste collections to restart

  • Collections of garden waste will restart on 25 May
  • Special Collections for bulky items will restart on 1 June
  • Temporary four-weekly collections of paper/card, cans, glass and plastics remain until 19 June
  • Recycling and rubbish collections will return to normal on 22 June*


Colchester Borough Council is pleased to announce that, thanks to additional measures, garden waste collections will restart on 25 May and take place on usual collection days on Green Weeks. Special collections for bulky items will then restart on 1 June and the recycling and rubbish collections will return to normal on 22 June.


It’s recognised that households may have a lot of garden waste from the last few weeks and be keen to put out as much garden waste as possible. To help protect staff and ensure crews can get to every household in the borough, please only put out the usual allowance which is either one brown wheelie bin or four garden waste sacks. Overflowing, heavy bins/sacks or waste placed at the side of bins can’t be collected.


If you have any excess garden waste and can hold on to this, please do so and put it out in stages over your upcoming garden waste collection dates.


To make up for missed collections during the service suspension and to support those households with additional garden waste, the Council will be providing a temporary drop-off service for garden waste at several locations across the borough, starting 23 May. The details of this service will be made available online at before the weekend.


What you can do to help:

  • Please share this information with your family, neighbours and friends in Colchester and check on your neighbours or family and offer to put rubbish and recycling collections out for anyone who is currently self-isolating
  • Continue to reduce and reuse your garden waste through home composting and mulching. Visit Essex County Council’s top tips on the Love Essex website and buy a reduced price compost bin from
  • Hold on to and stagger putting excess garden waste out for collection. If you’re unable to store your waste safely, you can you can take it to Essex County Council’s Recycling Centre in Shrub End. Please expect long queues. More information on new site restrictions can be found at 

To ensure the service can continue to operate across the borough,  when the garden waste collections restart, the temporary four-weekly collections of paper/card, cans, glass and plastics will remain in place until 22 June, when all the recycling collections, excluding textiles, will return to normal as fortnightly collections. This approach will support our staff who are already lifting and moving higher volumes than normal.

To help with this latest update, an updated temporary recycling calendar to reflect the next four weeks of temporary changes until the service returns to normal on 22 June, will be available later this week. To view and download this, use our postcode look-up tool at .


Once the collections return to normal on 22 June, please use the 2020/21 recycling calendar which covers the period until March 2021 or visit to check your collection information.


COVID-19 Have you had to self-isolate?

Do you need urgent supplies?

Wakes Colne Parish Council in conjunction with Chappel Parish Council

Are willing to help resolve your problems during these difficult times, if you have had to self-isolate due to Coronavirus we will try and endeavour to collect shopping, prescriptions etc. We are also here for a reassuring conversation if it helps.

Please contact Wakes Colne Parish Council on 07508 787869 [leave a message also name & telephone number for a reply] or email

Volunteer helpers required by the Parish Council or referrals welcome




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Wakes Colne Parish Council wins Quality Gold Award 




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