Planning in Tendring Parish

How to comment on a Planning Application
Information from Chairperson Jill Brattan January 2024

I have received a number of comments from residents who would like clarification about the planning procedure and how to proceed. So I have attempted to give you a quick guide for when  a planning application has been submitted to develop land within the village.

The initial feelings when an application is made vary from horror, panic and to utter helplessness - at least in my experience. You can think of a thousand reasons why the proposal should not be granted. After all, who is better placed than you, a resident of the area, to know the problems and issues the development could cause?
But how do you convey your fears to the powers that be in a way that persuades them that your point of view is the right one? How do you avoid being accused of ‘Nimbyism’ and how do you put up a decent fight against a developer who more often than not is experienced and highly skilled at presenting their case in the best possible light, and offers an argument that even the most reluctant planning officer would struggle to disagree with?
Let me assure you that you can make a difference .When writing a letter of objection to a planning application, the biggest mistake can be making your letter too personal. I totally understand the temptation when you feel so outraged and fearful about the proposal. But you only weaken your case if you include points that bear no relevance to the planning guidelines that planners will weigh the proposal against. For every legitimate objection to a planning proposal there is another completely irrelevant objection to be made. The key is to find out which is which and stick to the former, make sure you keep your objection letter business-like and relevant. 
Applications can be viewed via the Tendring District Council site by following the below steps. 

Google Tendring Planning applications 
Press  Go to Public Access 
Enter a keyword, reference number ( this will be displayed on the notice at the site) or postcode. (All planning applications for this address will then be displayed.)
You will then need to login to make a comment. 
You can also track any applications through the system if you choose.

If you do not have the internet then you can still write to the Planning Department and comment on applications.
Post - Town Hall, Station Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, CO15 1SE 
Hope this helps if you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me. 
Jill Brattan 
Chair of Tendring Parish Council