Southminster Parish Council is a council that has 9 Members serving the community in Southminster Village and the surrounding area in rural South East Essex.


Parish Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer: Joanna Jeffery 


Council Chairman: Councillor John Anderson


Council Vice Chair: Councillor Gordon Harrold



 Meinir Wyn Davies, Ron Pratt, Darren Noonan, Helen Bridge and Cathy Mische.

Notice of election


The Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Monday 17th May 2021 @ 7pm in Community Hall 1, King George V Memorial Field, Southminster.

Any Members of the public wishing to attend should inform the Parish Clerk before 10am on 17th May 2021, to ensure social distancing is observed and compliant.

The Parish Office and High Street Toilets are CLOSED until further notice.

The Parish Clerk will be working from home.

 There are 2 Councillor vacancies, please contact the Clerk if you would like to apply for this position.




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The Parish room
Queenborough Road